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Jul. 16th, 2009


DS- Closet cleaning: AP Heart Marine, BTSSB coat, IW Blouse and more

Terms of Sale - Please read before commenting!
Please only comment if you are interested in purchasing, thank you. Am willing to consider reasonable offers.

- I have a cat and a dog. Allergies beware.
-All prices are in US Dollars.
-I only accept Paypal.
-I have the right to refuse a sale if you have negative feedback or are otherwise known to be a non-committed buyer.
-Buyer is reponsible for paying the Paypal fees (5.99% + $0.30) which are ADDITIONAL to the stated prices.
-Items are shipped from New Zealand.
-I am NOT responsible for the item once it leaves my hands!
-If there is multiple interest in the same item, the item will go to the highest offer. Otherwise, item will go to the first person who can pay the full price immediately.
-No holds, please. Only willing to trade for certain Mary Magdalene items
-All sales are final.

For reference, I am 5'3" B:32" W:25" H: 34"

AP Heart Marine OP

One of my dream dresses. Purchased new with tags from Fairy Angel. Worn twice. Will be drycleaned before it is sent out. I never, ever get a chance to wear this, so I am looking for a new home where this adorable dress will get the love it deserves! Pretty standard AP sizing, fits me well but not too tightly, could possibly accommodate a waist of 26-27"


BTSSB Red Winter Coat

Lovely and warm, comes with detachable white fur collar. Really cozy, made of 100% wool. It is quite loose, but wearable on my frame, and can fit up to my dressform's max measurements of 39.5"/31.5"/40" snugly, but still wearably with room to accommodate a petticoat. Worn a few times, but in excellent condition. Will be drycleaned before sending out.


Excentrique Ultimate Overbust Corset

In black matte satin. Size 1, Recommended for approx 30" - 36" bust.  Back panel can expand a bit farther. Tried on once. Have no opportunity to wear it, so am very sadly letting it go. There are two small scratches (shown in photo) from where the label has been sewn onto the back. They will not be noticeable when corset is laced up, but I thought I should point them out.


IW Black Blouse with crown embroidery

Gorgeous blouse from IW with rose lace and embroidered crowns and fleur-de-lys. Fits bust of 32-33" well, has detachable waist ties. Never worn. Selling as I'm not really a blouse fan, and I already have another black one.


IW Cream Puff-sleeved Blouse

Absolutely beautiful blouse, just not on me! (My shoulders are very broad, so puff-sleeves make me look like a linebacker!). Can fit up to bust of 33", waist can fit up to about 26-27" and can be adjusted to much smaller with back corset lacing. The length of this blouse is quite short, sitting just below natural waist, so it is perfect for wearing over skirts to hide elastic waistbands.  Brand new with tags, only tried on once.


ITS White Longsleeved Blouse

A custom longsleeved version of ITS' popular Dolly Blouse. Has pretty rose galloon lace and back waist ties. Fits 32" bust (my dressform has 33" bust and it is noticeably tight on her). Worn several times, in good secondhand condition though there is a small spot near one of the buttons (shown in photo). Great for a beginner lolita, or to fill out your wardrobe.


Loliable Vintage Patterns:

Sized for 32" Bust, 25-26" waist. Make me an offer. Will sell separately, or buy several and save on postage :)



One silver carriage, and one black birdcage. Please make me an offer :)

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Jul. 15th, 2009


Cutting back on Lolita

I think lolita is taking up too much of my life/income right now.

If I really do want to become a SRS SCIENTIST I think I am going to have to rearrange my priorities a bit (ie. actualy start saving for a car/rent for next year) and invest more time in my actual studies.

Don't worry, I'll still go to meetups and post the occasional comment/post on d_l, but no more new purchases for me for a while. I realised recently that I have more lolita clothes than I do occasions for wearing them, and most of the large amount of stuff I've bought recently just hangs in my closet. I am definitely going to sell my sweeter stuff, and the things that I will never actually wear. Still looking forward to my trip to Japan, but it will be a little les brand-focused, I think.

May. 22nd, 2009



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Will also consider JM, ETC and Milk OPs/JSKs that are NOT empire-waisted or polyester.

Apr. 13th, 2009


3 Casual Outfits: IW, Handmade and Vintage

Since it is school holidays I can actually wear lolita again. These are my outfits from the past 3 days - they are all very casual, so no blouses! Not for the faint-of-heart! XD

Read more...Collapse )  has an identical pair, which we both keep accidentally wearing whenever we see each other. Accidental earring twins ftw!

Thank you so much for looking, and sorry for the HUEGness of the photos XD</div>

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Worst. Birthday. Ever.

(... ok, except for the one where my Great-Grandmother died.)


Jan. 7th, 2009


Summertime Spaniel

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Dec. 18th, 2008


Lolita Pattern Review: McCall 5094

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Oct. 28th, 2008


(Long Overdue) Excalibur Girls Review

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Oct. 27th, 2008



This journal is mostly for EGL/sewing-related things. That, and gratuitous dog photos.

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